"I can’t say enough good about Kati! She was the most sweet, down to earth girl! Everything was easy and effortless from the very beginning. She makes you feel very welcome and comfortable, she took her time to get the outline of the desired shape right, and explained everything to put your mind at ease. You can tell she genuinely wants her clients to love their new brows and that this is her passion. 

Once we started, I was pleasantly surprised at how painless it was - I was in no discomfort at all! It didn’t take as long as I anticipated either, and Kati kept checking to make sure I was doing fine. 

When we finished she let me look at them and fixed anything I didn’t like (which was like nothing because they were perfect and amazing and I fell in love with them instantly) and then explained the after care very carefully to ensure proper healing. 

Now here we are a week later and she texted me to see how I’m liking my new brows! (how sweet!) the healing process has been wonderful and easy. I am so glad I went to Kati and I recommend her to anyone interested in microblading! Oh! And I’ve had more compliments than I can count!" -Stevie Guhr

Kati is very artistic and precise in her stroke placement, and was happy to answer questions, make recommendations, and ensure that I was happy with the results. -Julie Hoffmann

There is no one else besides Kati I would recommend to have their eyebrows micro bladed. She takes her time and actually cares how you look when you walk out of her door! She made me love my eyebrows again. Thanks Kati! -Tori Eiler 

Wow! Patience is KEY! Kati did everything right from walking us (I went with a friend) through what she was doing to making sure we were comfortable so we would have minimal pain. I'm anxious about the healing process but can't wait until the final product is done from after the touch up. Her workspace was very professional yet inviting, fun, and comfortable. Kati is very responsive and wants to make sure her customers are educated. Up to my appointment I must have asked close to 50 questions. I'll let you know how everything goes but you don't want to miss this opportunity with this amazing Microblade Artist! -Stephanie Stevens-Khan

Absolutely love my eyebrows and love Kati even more!! 

She was so gentle the pain is only between two and three for me. 

She walked me through each step to make sure I knew exactly what was going on and what to expect.

She stands behind her work and specializes solely on microblading. She wants you to be 100% satisfied even if that means coming in a third time! 

Thank you so much Kati and can't wait for the final touch up! -Ashlie Nunez

I love, love, love my "new" eyebrows! Kati is so precise, thorough and knowledgeable in what she is doing. I would never trust anyone else! -Kari Mikelonis-Perry